Dentures and Partials

Dentures are a removable appliance used for the replacement of missing teeth and surrounding tissues. There are two types of dentures available, including partial and complete dentures. Partial dentures are used to fill the space created by missing teeth, as well as utilizing support of the remaining teeth to help prevent them from shifting. Complete dentures are used to restore your smile and mouth function if all your teeth have been lost.

Dentures are removable and may require adjustments in order to create a proper fit with the gums and mouth. New dentures may feel awkward or loose for the first few weeks until the muscles of your cheek and tongue learn to keep them in place and you are comfortable eating and speaking. This may require some practice, but soon you will adjust and enjoy the benefits that a full mouth of teeth can provide.

In our office, we frequently augment full or partial dentures with implant support, helping stabilize & retain your dentures in your mouth. This can frequently be done after the original appliance is fabricated. The new mini-implants are becoming very helpful in this area.

Dentures are custom created to resemble your natural teeth so there should be no noticeable change to your appearance. In fact, dentures may even improve your smile!